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Rose Colors

The Colors of Roses

When it comes to flowers, roses rank highest on most everyone's wish list.

Just remember, whenever you give a gift of roses to someone, keep in mind that the different colors have distinct meanings.

Perhaps not everyone will know or care what the colors stand for, but for those that do, this is an important thing to consider.

For instance, red roses are appropriate and always welcome for any or no occasion by your wife or sweetheart, but you would not send roses of that color to a business associate or bring them to a housewarming.

When invited to a dinner or party, a bouquet of mixed color roses for the hostess is ideal - no one will speculate the meaning of the flowers.

So remember, your mom will appreciate receiving roses of any color and not question you as to their meaning (except maybe black), but someone else might think the colors are conveying a special message. If you know the meanings of the different colors, you can be sure you are sending the appropriate gift of beautiful roses for any occasion.

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