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Rose Colors

The Colors of Roses
and their Meanings

We will attempt to give you a good understanding what the colors of roses mean and tend to convey. Enjoy and take it all with a grain of salt.

Red roses denote love and passion. They are the universal symbol and messenger to say 'I Love You'.

roses stand for innocence and purity. You can see why white roses are often found in wedding bouquets. White is also popular to give for births, get well wishes and confirmations to celebrate a new beginning.

roses denote friendship. They are also used to convey a welcome home or welcome back message, but can also express jealousy if presented in the right context.

roses together with their brightness mean to express feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and desire.

or lavender roses say love at first sight. Purple roses can also express passion, acknowledge beauty, luxury and royalty. Lavender roses also convey enchantment.

roses say 'thank you'. They also convey happiness, appreciation, elegance and joy. Pink roses are often mixed with yellow roses to express or offer friendship.

The lovely shade of
Peach roses send a message of gratitude and sincerity. They are also frequently used to express sympathy.

Blue roses stand for uniqueness or the impossible as well as unattainable. They can also express the outrageous or the hope of a miracle.

Cream or off white roses represent charm, graciousness and thoughtfulness. They make a lovely thank you gift when combined with pink roses.

Black roses are usually sent as a single blossom. The message is a clear way of expressing a permanent end, farewell or goodbye to a relationship.

Tip: Roses are right for almost any occasion. But sometimes you need to convey a special message or meaning - and only a single rose of the right color will do that! So order your single rose at now.

Send A Single Rose

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